found a list of things i would like to do in my life written in grade 10
  1. visit le pont des arts in paris with someone special
  2. go skydiving 
  3. ride an elephant
  4. visit the pyramids 
  5. go on a gondola in Venice 
  6. go to vegas and gamble at least $50 (you big spender) 
  7. have a white christmas
  8. go skiing 
  9. visit the maldives 
  10. see the effiel tower
  11. see a day to remember live
  12. go to a proper zoo with fully sick animals
  13. swim with dolphins
  14. go whale watching
  15. have a cute ass valentines date
  16. go on a ride in a hot air balloon 
  17. get into a nerf gun war
  18. go to madagascar 
  19. go bungee jumping
  20. shave my head for a cure
  21. go on a road trip around australia
  22. build a snowman
  23. go on an African safari 
  24. own a waterbed
  25. swim in every ocean
  26. swim under a waterfall 
  27. go to a vineyard
  28. float in the dead sea
  29. go paddle boarding 
  30. drink from a coconut
  31. go paragliding 
  32. ride a mechanical bull
  33. celebrate st. patricks day in ireland 
  34. visit the sistine chapel 
  35. go on a cruise
  36. Participate in La Tomatina
  37. become a credited engineer 
  38. go scuba diving
  39. ride the london eye 
  40. make a wish at the trevi fountain 
  41. go to the top of the empire state building 
  42. have a baby
  43. go to the top of the Eiffel tower 
  44. see stonehenge
  45. walk on the great wall of china
  46. iceskate in central park 
  47. be in a food eating contest 
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why are nipples so important like you could have as much boob out as you want but as soon as there’s nipple involved all hell breaks loose

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50% of me wants to be the type of girl who does yoga at night, and drinks green tea, and reads books, and wears cute pyjamas, and stays at home; while the other 50% of me wants to wear my sexiest outfit and go out doing lines of cocaine off strippers racks while dancing to dirty music until I black out. 

eternal struggle

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[puts Tom on top of top 8]


[puts Tom on top of top 8]

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someone really doesn’t want a bath


someone really doesn’t want a bath

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